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Dentree (Foaming Toothpaste)

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  • MaterialSodium fluoride, Allantoin, Hydroxyapatite etc.
  • Weight50 g

[ESOUP Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Foaming Toothpaste (Dentree) [50ml]

Dentree foam toothpaste with a fresh flavor of an apple mine / sweet of an strawberry / cool of an mint are the all-in one oral care product from brushing your teeth, gargling to washing your mouth. Not only that, but it sterilizes the harmful bacteria in a mouth, prevents sensitive teeth and gum disease as the total oral care product.


1. Anytime, and Anywhere Convenient Oral Care

  - Expectant mother 
  - Sensitive teeth 
  - Outdoor activities 
  - Orthodontic care 
  - Dental clinic implant 
 2. Distinctive Features of Dentree Foam Toothpaste
  The Esoup Foam toothpaste removes the residual foods left deep into your teeth area with its powerful hydrofloss power to not only bring about a sense of freshness in your mouth but also prevent cavity and gum disease. 
Unlike the conventional toothpastes, the dentree foam toothpaste has no abrasive substances and protects the surface of your teeth, maintaining the health of your gum. 
  The dentree foam toothpaste contains antibacterial substances to prevent the harmful bacteria from being accumulated on the teeth walls or gum.
 3. Ingredients of dentree foaming toothpaste
  Sodium fluoride, allantoin, hydroxyapatite, mugwort extracts, ligusticum wallichii franch extracts etc.

 4. How to use of dentree foam toothpaste
  Spray it two to three times into your mouth and gargle for about a minute
  Spray it two to three times into your mouth and brush your teeth with a toothbrush

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Dentree _Foaming Toothpaste_

Dentree _Foaming Toothpaste_